I recently migrated this blog to a new machine and changed some configuration parameters. The new server is a bit less powerful also less expensive. :-)

The new URL of this blog is now blog.bentobako.org. All previous links should be correctly forwarded to and handled by the new web server.

For the technically inclined, I use Postfix as SMTP server, Dovecot as IMAP server, Nginx as web server and Dotclear as blog software. I am quite happy with Nginx which is light, well documented and of which configuration is easy to understand. I was using Lighttpd previously but dropped it because is was not well maintained (no new version for a long time) and not well documented.

My Dovecot and Postfix configuration allow virtual users (as many users as you like) with shared authentication between them (same login and password). I might publish my configuration if some are interested. Let me know!