Rework This book is made by people of 37signals, a successful American company doing web based product. They are know for their previous book, Getting Real, which I have not read but look quite similar in spirit if not in content.

"Rework. Change the way you work forever" by Fried and Hansson is made of several small essays, each essay containing a "catch phrase" (e.g. "Ignore the real world", "Workaholism", "Scratch your own itch", ...) and a small explanation in two or three pages. Those parts are organised into several chapters (e.g. "Takedowns", "Go", "Progress", "Productivity", ...) that look at the several issues when starting and running a business (get the idea, develop the product, hire new people, ...).

This book is interesting because it is made by people having a successful business, so you can believe them when they are saying that it can be done that way. And that way is quite unusual (for this kind of book)! They are talking about being small, saying no to the client, avoiding too long much hours ("workaholism") or funding your company by yourself and not using venture capital funds. It is thus interesting to get a fresh view in running business, even if this view is being told by other people around you or in the Free Software world. I particularly liked the spirit of the book which says that instead of doing market studies or imagine several different products, it is better to actually making a good product, targeted at a well identified need (and the authors detail how to identify it).

On the down side, even if the book is illustrated with several examples coming from successful businesses, I would have preferred such illustration to come from examples from 37signals itself. It would have been much more reliable and more interesting in my humble point of view.

The book is short. I liked it that way. It won't take you days to read it. It could have been shorter (there is a place for a reference card extracted from this book) but in its current form the ideas are illustrated enough so you have a better chance to understand them.