Yesterday we finished our March 2012 hackfest! After a first hackfest at the beginning of March in San Francisco, we gathered again in Rennes to work on MapOSMatic. You can read a summary of of our work on day 2, day 4, day 5, day 6 and day 7.

We made several extensions and bug fixes in MapOSMatic. The most significant one is that now we are able to automatically produce a booklet-type city map on several pages, with an overview page, 1/10,000 overlapping maps and a global index at the end. You can see an example for Rennes city (PDF, 13.8 MB).

Currently, the new MapOSMatic is only available on our development web site, limited to an old France import. Once a new import of the world OSM database will be finished, you'll can enjoy the booklet PDF maps worldwide. ;-)

UPDATE: The individual maps in booklet format are not really at 1/10,000 scale, due to Mercator projection issue. We still need some code to compute the exact scale. Thank you Thomas! ;-)