As you probably know, I'm a huge fan of Formal Methods: use appropriate Mathematics and tools to ensure a program is correct in all possible situations. In other words, bug free software... well, sort of. :-)

The interesting side of this is that tools to apply Formal Methods have improved a lot and most of them are now Free Software. I'm maintaining a list of Free Software tools for Formal Methods (it is a wiki, you can update it!).

I would like to make an experiment with Frama-C and its plugins, especially Jessie. Frama-C is a framework for static analysis of C programs developed at CEA. Combined with the Why and Alt-Ergo tools, you can prove some properties on real C code (absence of integer underflow or overflow, absence of out-of-bound accesses, absence of NULL pointer de-referencing, program's specific properties, etc.). All those tools are Free Software and are developed in OCaml. And they now are available in Debian and Ubuntu!

I made a simple experiment last year but I would like to make a more elaborated one.

Therefore, I'm looking for a piece of C code with following criteria:

  • Free Software: I'm interested in improving software for the whole humankind; ;-)
  • Pure C code, no C++. If there is some assembly, I could work around for example by re-writting corresponding C function;
  • Code of moderate size, a few thousands line at most. It could be a sub-module or subset of a bigger code;
  • Code using mostly integers and pointers, few strings (aka char *)[1];
  • Verifying some properties on this code would be "interesting". Several possible reasons: for security or safety reasons, because the code is used in an embedded platform on which modifications are difficult once in production or simply because this code is used a lot.

If you know some software that fills those criteria, let me know through a comment or at!


[1] Frama-C is a bit slow to handle strings and it can become cumbersome.