OCaml on Ubuntu Lucid

I have updated my scripts to compare Ubuntu OCaml packages to Debian ones. This time, I'm comparing Ubuntu Lucid against Debian testing, as for Lucid packages are imported from Debian testing (because Lucid is a Long Term Support release).

You'll find all the generated files here: http://bentobako.org/ubuntu-ocaml-status/raw/


As you have probably seen, we have done major improvements to MapOSMatic during Christmas, at both the web site level and the rendering level. I won't go into details, just read our initial announcement. Since then, we are continuing our improvements on maposmatic web front-end and ocitysmap back-end, with a new web site layout, translation of web site and maps in many languages (Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Russian). Many thanks to the numerous contributors!

We still have a lot of things to do or bugs to fix but the feedback is very positive and rewarding! Many thanks!