OCaml I previously mentioned that Ubuntu Karmic currently ships with OCaml 3.11.0 and all associated libraries and programs. While it is nice to have a coherent set of OCaml packages, it would be much better to the latest coherent set of OCaml packages in Karmic! :-) Debian initiated its own transition to 3.11.1 about 4 weeks ago and this transition is nearly finished (and took in fact only 3 weeks).

I therefore raised the issue of such a transition for Karmic. After a few questions, it has been agreed upon to start a similar transition in Karmic. Moreover Andrea Gasparini, an Ubuntu's Master Of The Universe (aka MOTU), volunteered to help me. Se we opened the first bug initiating the transition. Overall, there are 124 source packages to synchronize or recompile in 6 successive rounds.

One can monitor the status of the transition of the Ubuntu OCaml transition monitor. A comparative list of source package versions between Debian unstable and Ubuntu karmic is also available.