OCaml As I have previously stated, there is no OCaml developers on Ubuntu and all OCaml packages in Ubuntu are coming from Debian. So there is apparently no much work to do in order to have a large set of OCaml packages on Ubuntu. Except that there are synchronisation issues. :-)

Debian's OCaml packages are imported automatically from unstable repository a the beginning of each new development cycle of Ubuntu[1] until a Debian Import Freeze takes effect (the 25th of June according to Karmic release schedule). Once imported, packages are automatically build. But OCaml packages have a stringent need to be compiled in the right order and against the correct version of the OCaml tool chain. In case of change (e.g. going from 3.10.2 to 3.11.0) all packages should be recompiled.

Therefore, I have adapted original Debian's monitoring scripts to Ubuntu:

Ocaml transition monitor for Ubuntu

On the 124 of such OCaml packages in Ubuntu, only 3 have remaining issues:

Once done, all OCaml packages should be correctly rebuild for OCaml 3.11.0. \o/

Of course, OCaml 3.11.1 should be released Really Soon Now™ and all that work should be redone once again. "There is no such thing as a simple job".[2] ;-)


[1] One can monitor the import of new packages on page http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/n....

[2] Tim Daily, of Axiom's fame.